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CONTACT   CONTACT is a project, developed on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the International Triennial of Stage Poster.

The project addresses different generations and consists of three sections.
- An anonymous competition for young Bulgarian artists and students up to 35.
- Famous poster masters, invited as special guests.
- Bulgarian artists over 35, invited as special guests.

The project’s topic is universal, diverse and multi-layer. It is charged with expectations of posters, rich in challenge, irony and emotions.

The organizers thank heartily all authors about their interest in the topic and their participation in the exhibition and the catalogue.

We also thank our true friends and followers from the Sofia Municipality.
We thank for the support to create these interesting exhibition and catalogue.
Bojidar Ikonomov    


You make contact with your mother while still in her – through the umbilical cord. You are then in contact with her while she embraces you; you contact her through her milk

First steps, first words, first letters, first kiss, first love – all signifies contact in this world of ours.

Travelling to unknown countries, absorbing unknown cultures, reading books written ages ago or yesterday, watching plays, films, TV, listening to music – it all brings us to what we are actually striving to leave after us: CONTACTS made while we live.

Modern technologies enable us to get in touch with far-away continents in no time at all; the mobiles in our pockets connect us with other people in the nick of time; smartphones, tablets, the Skype – everything works to ensure fast and good quality contacts.

Powerful telescopes and space ships search to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Where is the charm of the text written by hand; or of the sweetness of the epistolary; of the written word, which would travel by post wagons and through frontiers before it reaches its addressee? No longer do we tremble in the excitement of reading letters by our loved ones. Less and less often do we opt for the book patiently waiting for us on the bedside table.

Do we still see friends over a glass of wine to exchange ideas, share experiences, to argue and laugh together?

Nowadays we just switch on the computer, or rely on the plasma TV to open up the endless vistas of the virtual space before us. Great!

Is this the new umbilical cord of man?!

Bojidar Ikonomov